P.R.I.C.E Principle

Cold Cast’s unique design allows for an easy and effective application of the P.R.I.C.E. principle.


Protection – Cold Cast’s gel remains soft and pliable even when frozen. Thus, Cold Cast acts as a protective cushion for damaged, painful fingers.


Rest – Cold Cast allows the injured finger to be stabilized in comforting and protective gel while allowing the other fingers to perform needed tasks.


Ice – Cold Cast will deliver cold therapy to an injured finger for about 15 minutes. This is the amount of time that is recommended by healthcare practitioners. Cold Cast surrounds the injury with cold therapy, rather than only one side as with a traditional ice pack.


Compression – Cold Cast’s design allows it to be wrapped as tightly as need to reduce swelling. If compression is not appropriate Cold Cast can be wrapped loosely around an injured finger.


Elevation – Because Cold Cast can be wrapped around a finger and secured with a one-size-fits-all wrist strap, it will stay in place when elevated.